Transformation in Health Care

The mountains of critical data anesthesiologists record must be accurate down to the microgram. And in a life-or-death situation, it must be accessible in an instant.

An iPad for every clinician. That's what the North American Partners in Anesthesia wanted for their anesthesiologists to replace the paper patient records that were difficult to fill out, share, and track. Gist Digital built them TBAR (Tablet Based Anesthesia Record). Now, they can effortlessly record and share reams of information with the swipe of an iPad. Doctors across the country can access correct patient data. Clinicians get paid on time. And patients avoid possible life-and-death situations when TBAR alerts anesthesiologists of potential complications.

Business Challenges

With it’s paper based Anesthesia Record, NAPA was faced with multiple issues. Anesthesia Records were being misplaced or lost, records were incomplete, there was a lack of real-time compliance and risk alerts. Compliance information was often missing and quality events didn’t occur. And with billing codes many times being either incorrect and illegible billing codes posed several challenges and increased costs and leading to long billing cycles and payment against insurance claims.

The Solution - Tbar

A HIPAA compliant iPad application driven by a secure custom HIPAA compliant back-end in the cloud providing automation from case registry to billing. Working with a large team of Anesthesiologists, Gist designed a comprehensive tablet based anesthesia information management system to streamline the work-flow, improve efficiency and reduce the anesthesia record cycle. The creation of Tbar involved a highly iterative process of learning, designing and development of solutions to address the business challenges while focusing on the needs of the Anesthesiologists.

The Solution fulfilled the following objectives:

  • Ingest hospital case schedules through automated HL7 hospital feeds, CSV files, MS excel spread sheets or a manual user interface.
  • Capture preoperative patient evaluation.
  • View complete patient encounter history, patient status, risk alerts and allergy information.
  • Through innovative and intuitive user interface, enabled providers to capture intra-operative patient data such as vital signs, medications, fluids and labs.
  • Anesthesia Record hand off and transfer to other providers.
  • Support surgical safety checklist and case dependent milestones.
  • Information validation, QCDR and compliance.
  • Postoperative documentation and transfer of care.
  • Analytics and reporting.