Do Mobile App Development Platforms provide the best solution for you?

Mobile App Development Platforms (MADPs) simplify app development by providing templates and low-code tools, but they have some drawbacks. On first place, you might not be able to completely do away with native mobile application developers. For example, when the app requires customization that cannot be handled by a producer or non-native application developer. On the contrary, when you build a native app you can create a personalized solution, without jeopardizing the user experience and your business needs. Also, MADPs might take longer to keep up with platform changes, for example, when new versions of OS or new APIs are released. Furthermore, it might not lend itself well when creating innovative and non-standard user experiences.

There is a common misconception that MADPs are cheaper solutions but, as the provider owns the source code, pulling out of the platform is expensive. In addition, it might be a cheaper solution on the short term, but a more expensive one in the long run. In your case, is MADP worthwhile? At Gist, we can provide you customize and cost-effective solutions, because we go beyond the brief, taking a few steps back if necessary. We create not just a clear strategy, but also identify potential opportunities throughout the process to ensure we arrive at the most relevant solutions together.

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